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Hello and welcome to The Burkean Conservative ideas independent of political parties. We are a new and exciting blogging site with the aim of promoting conservative thought throughout our society. Burkean Conservatives.

As a university student I understand just how negative the impact of left wing perceived wisdom has been. Society has replaced fact with feeling, evidence with emotion and rigour with offense. This new inoffensive environment at the heart of what should be the pinacle of open discussion and ideas is tragic. Not only because it limits the perspectives of its students, but it also degrades our UK universities. There needs to be a platform to counter this.

The aim of The Burkean Conservative is to provide a space for ordinary people to discuss the future of conservatism The past 20 years in the UK has been difficult for conservative minds. We increasingly see a society, created by the left that we do not wish to conserve. We need to come together to discuss new Burkean Conservative ideas. We need to return to some of our older principles promoted by Edmund Burke himself. We need to fight back against the dominance of the left in society with rational arguments for Burkean Conservatism.

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Conservatives of all persuasions, get involved. We are free speech fundamentalists and would love to hear what you think of particular issues. You can register to our website and begin posting your own opinions straight away. Why not get involved on our on-site forums and engage in discussions with other users. We look forward to hearing Burkean Conservative ideas old and new. We look forward to seeing you all posting on our website and we look forward to persuading the nation of the values of conservatism. Why? Because:

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