We cannot have a US trade deal and remain in the customs union


America covers almost a quarter of the world’s economy, and is already Britain’s largest trading partner and main destination to send and receive overseas investment. This represented a magnificent opportunity to enhance the special relationship, one which many agree was grossly neglected over the years.

One of the big aspects of Brexit is who will Britain trade with in the future. The well-known answer is that of the United States, which receives the most coverage. First, it is worth going back to just before the EU referendum of 2016 and the UK-US special relationship. Before the EU referendum, 44th US President Barack Obama visited Britain and campaigned for a Remain vote, claiming that we would be at the back of the queue to get a trade agreement if we voted leave. Big mistake. The majority Republican Congress and Senate in Washington rebuffed Obama’s idol threat. In addition, Donald Trump, who surged through the primaries in 2016, openly said that he would give Britain a ‘big and powerful trade deal’. In fact, the Trump administration prioritised trade with Britain over the EU. That explained the trade war in July 2018. I wrote about that in my article for The Bruges Group.

I talked of us being in a trade war. We are now in a trade war. It is the New World Order consisting of the unelected EU and Communist China on one side and the United States of America on the other. We heard the moaning and groaning that Trump is a protectionist, but the US charges 2.6% tariffs of imports into the USA. The EU by contrast, charges a 10% tariff on goods coming from the US. It is no surprise that President Donald Trump isn’t happy about that. The EU went all in claiming that Trump cannot impose tariffs but the EU can. That argument doesn’t stack up. It was known from March 2018 that Donald Trump was going to put tariffs on other countries’ goods. Those trading partners were given exemptions, which expired on the 1st June 2018. The US levied a 25% duty specifically on steel from the EU, Canada and Mexico. This unsurprisingly prompted anger from globalist governments and globalist business leaders.

EU tariffs have caused food prices to go up artificially against British consumers. The EU claimed that they can fight back. The EU drew up a list of US goods for retaliatory tariffs, including Harley-Davidson motorcycles, bourbon whiskey and Levi jeans. Up to €2.8 billion worth of products could face tariffs of 25%. For those in the BBC, ITV or Sky News along with Remoaner elitists who don’t know geography, let me give you an example. The USA is a big country with a huge land mass. In fact, bigger than the rest of Europe put together, even if you included European Russia up to the Ural Mountains. The EU is not that big geographically. The USA are already reopening the coal plants. Furthermore, factories are returning to the USA. What does the EU have? They partially deindustrialised their nations and are not thinking of rebuilding their industrial base anytime soon.

Whilst Britain is a member of the EU, we are on that list. Why? Blame Brussels. That should in theory, teach the EU a lesson they may not forget. The EU openly backed Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential election campaign in 2016. With Britain out of the EU, we could be exempt from these tariffs. Why is that you ask? I’ll tell you. Donald Trump has a deep love for the United Kingdom. He has British ancestry. Trump also expressed numerous times of preferential treatment for Britain over the EU. I have said this in my Liberation of Britain Part 1 book whereby Donald Trump also said that he expected an agreement on new trading arrangements with Britain that was very powerful and would be great for both countries.

The only way for Britain to seek exemptions is by leaving the EU, including the Customs Union. I said this explicitly in my book Restoring Britain post-Brexit. Here is an extract from my book Restoring Britain post-Brexit saying because the EU is ultra-protectionist. 45th US President Donald Trump pointed that out when he expressed the frustrations of many when he took aim at the EU’s ultra-protectionist policies. While supporters of Brussels talked endlessly about the wonders of free trade between members of the EU they are less keen to discuss some of the enormous tariffs on goods from countries outside the customs union. 

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I mentioned Trump’s visit in my book The Liberation of Britain Part 3. In July 2018, Donald Trump made his visit to Britain, despite protests from brainwashed globalist. The coverage on the BBC about Trump’s visit was terrible as it only showed those who didn’t want him in Britain. Despite the rejection from the pro-EU globalists who pretend to represent the majority, President Donald Trump came to Britain in the summer of 2018 to conduct talks on trade deal which he believes can be agreed quickly. This news is unsurprising considering the comments of the US Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin in January 2018. Mnuchin made it clear Britain is at the ‘front of the queue’ for a trade deal. America covers almost a quarter of the world’s economy, and is already Britain’s largest trading partner and main destination to send and receive overseas investment. This represented a magnificent opportunity to enhance the special relationship, one which many agree was grossly neglected over the years.

I mention chlorinated chicken in my book Restoring Britain post-Brexit. The USA is known to have chicken that is chlorinated. There is actually a case for having chlorinated chicken despite what we are led to believe in the mainstream media and Remoaners. I also mentioned that chlorine-washing chicken actually reduces risk from harmful bacteria. The wash contains only tens of milligrams of chlorine per litre. More importantly, it kills bacteria thereby reducing the instance of salmonella in poultry from 14% of all carcasses to just 2%. According to Poultry World there are 1.5 times as many salmonella cases per person in the EU as there are in the United States.

The desire is there. We just need to grab that opportunity while we can.

For more information about post-Brexit trading opportunities, I would suggest in buying The Liberation of Britain Part 3: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NF6KHP5

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