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Vote Leave Designation Official But Fighting Continues


The Vote Leave designation as the official campaign to leave the European Union has been comfirmed. But there is still in-fighting between rival group Leave.EU. Will it end?

So, there we have it, the Vote Leave designation is official. We can now all come together as Eurosceptics to free our country from the yoke of Brussels. But wait, Arron Banks has a different idea. A challenge at the high court has been threatened by Banks. Him and others  claimed the Vote Leave designation was purposely filled with inaccuracies.

The Electoral Commission designation documents are listed here. It was a close call. A simple flick through the Twitter accounts of two groups will show the unhappiness amongst them at the designation. Nigel Farage has accepted the decision and is seeking to unite the two groups. There are others however, like Chief Editor of Breitbart, Raheem Kassam. He did well at exposing the inaccuracies of the Vote Leave designation documents. He is however adament that he will not work with the designated leave campaign and seems quite intent on aiding the BSE campaign, stating: ” I’d rather lose and have another ref in 10yrs than win and have a 2-ref associate membership”.

Vote Leave Designation Impact

Surely, eurosceptics should, regardless of whether the Vote Leave designation was honest (and I can see why some believe it was not) get behind the campaign to leave, or at least not hinder it. Things aren’t going to change. We aren’t going to see an Electoral Commission U-turn and the idea of putting the referendum off until October while a potential court case goes on provides a few key points to consider.

Firstly, the tactics of the remain campaign, namely project fear means that extending the referendum date could actually have a negative effect on the result. Engagement levels at present are low. If we continue the discussion at this pace and for this length of time, leavers must be concerned about the ramping of ‘project fear’.

Secondly, is the European Union’s image going to get better or worse over the next few months? We already know that the European Union is holding off on important legislation because of the referendum. Will this legislation go ahead and how will the reaction to it look like amongst the public? Will the migrant crisis get worse, or will their solution work? These are important things we must consider. If leavers wrongly decide that postponing the referendum is a good idea, it will be hugely damaging.

Will The European Union Get Worse?

I believe Arron Banks will be persuaded not to continue. In fact I believe the opportunity to submit a claim to the Electoral Commission has already expired. I believe he will be persuaded to drop action. I also hope that those voices most angered at the designation, will put their anger to one side and observe the bigger picture: we have 10 weeks to secure the indepence of Britain from the European Union, we must fight together to secure it, lets not give it to the BSE campaign because we were too childish to organise effectively.

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