The Violent Thugs At U.C Berkeley Have Progressive Written All Over Them!


I don’t often delve into the U.S political scene, a scene I see as increasingly nasty, vindictive and worryingly polarised. I’ve noticed similar trends in Britain, so forgive me for wanting to enjoy the British political scene to the maximum, before it descends into this unworkable shit-show, largely created by the left. I write this not as an address to our American cousins, who need not my lectures on the ills of leftist identity politics, but to those at home in my country, Britain, where the same divisive, nasty and vindictive identity politics has gained great traction within the governmental institutions, and I fear is being slowly picked up by the public at large.

I almost laugh at the idea that while those on the left at the top of our political system, so-called ‘honourable’ members of Parliament, have, largely for electoral reasons, bought into identity politics, while the rest of the population has resisted. I laugh because my mind tells me that we’ve got the whole thing backwards. Surely it’s the beliefs of British society at large which mould the perspectives of our elected representatives. Not so. One of the greatest tragedies is that, at least in Britain, Government has become about what the British ought to think, want and feel, rather than what they actually do.

This is largely directed at the type of leftist who thinks it quite proper to use “white”, “straight” and “male” as insults, a kind of racism and sexism that is apparently acceptable. The type of leftist who watched with much agreement when MTV published its disgustingly racist ‘New Years Resolution for White Guys’, listening to possibly the most ignorant black American I have ever heard claiming that “2017 can’t be much worse than this”, knowing full well the just struggle of black Americans for equality under the law, and how pathetically trivial much of the ‘black equality’ campaigning has become by comparison. The type of leftist who looked on with great approval as the bizarre UK version of Black Lives Matter saw fit to lay black Brits in front of slip-roads and airport runways to promote whatever small-dragon agenda can give them an excuse to disrupt peoples lives and stoke up racial division, in the name of equality of course. Congratulations to your American counterparts, who have managed to stoke up some of the most vicious, thuggish and violent protesters in America today.

The narrative of our time, of my time, is that free speech isn’t that great and that disagreement is almost always a result of an ism or phobia, a form of mental illness which must be fixed. This had its day in U.C Berkeley, when Milo Yiannopoulos was denied his right to free speech, and his audience were denied their rights to free enquiry, by violent, thuggish mobs who don’t like his opinions.

These people claim to be opposing fascism, but let me rebuke this very quickly based on recent events. If you think you can beat people over the head with sticks and poles because you disagree with them and want to shut them up, you aren’t an anti-fascist, you’re a fascist. If you think you can break into private functions with your loud-mouths, raised fists and sense of absolute purity, you aren’t an anti-fascist, you’re a fascist. If you’re a leftist man who thinks its okay to assault women who disagree with you, you aren’t an anti-fascist, you’re a fascist and a coward. The right to protest is of course a sacred right, but what happened in U.C Berkeley, the Deploraball and other events in the U.S wasn’t an exercise of the basic right to protest, it was a full-scale overture into the extreme, potently fascistic in aesthetic.

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Possibly more importantly, drawing you back to the original message of this post, if you’re someone in the UK who has witnessed these events and finds yourself naturally sympathising with any of these people, you are sympathising with some of the nastiest and most deluded people in today’s American political process and I really wish you wouldn’t. You don’t have to agree with the views of the people who were being beaten up and having piss thrown over them to know that they have a right to be heard. I don’t agree with them on many things, but I repeat to myself that beautiful, old phrase; “I do not agree with what you say, but will defend to my death your right to say it”. Well, it would appear that death part is looking a little more likely in the U.S and I’m not sure in the UK we have the appetite to put our money where our mouths are.

The U.S has its free speech protected by its constitution, the UK however does not. Free speech in the UK is effectively implied. We have no formal document guaranteeing it beyond the pathetic attempt in the Human Rights Act, the best friend of every terrorist, criminal and opportunist who wishes to bring down our country while relying on its welfare provisions and Western standards of liberty. Very few people in the UK draw the line of free speech at incitement. It’s an arbitrary line, one which is used in one case to stop speech and in another to specifically allow it.

I was asked a few days ago by a friend why we in the UK didn’t have these sorts of protests. The sad answer is that when it comes to UK universities, controversial speakers simply get barred before ever being allowed to be protested against, unless of course you’re an Islamist in which case UK universities have been a great source of convert fodder, possibly explaining why so many home-grown Jihadis have obtained a university education. Where the future of our country will rely on my generation, dominated by people who have spent their formative years at university banning everything from newspapers to Halloween costumes, do you think we’ll have this country’s back when it comes to free speech as an absolute right? No chance.

There is a glimmer of hope though, it’s called the left. They have already succeeded at alienating large sections of the population in the U.S. I imagine these reactions are exacerbated by the fact that for the first time in their privileged (I mean that in the wealth sense, not this racist white privilege nonsense) lives in largely agreeable circumstances where everything goes their way, things haven’t gone their way. Provided the left continues to show itself as the true intolerant bigots of our time, where using people’s skin colour, gender and sexuality as a way of pork-barreling positive discrimination policies is the norm, free speech will be secured for another generation. It’s going to rely on us on the right however to expose this rank hypocrisy and lack of respect for the fundamental liberties which make Western societies the best in the world.

While there is hope, it’s a glimmer of hope, and will rely not only on the left to finally overplay its hand and expose its true desires, but on the right also, who must be unwavering in the face of such nastiness, stand proud for the fundamental liberty which Western society has been so lucky to have had passed down to us and remember what Edmund Burke said; All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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