The legal case that claims the extension of Article 50 was illegal


Robin Tilbrook claims that the extension to Article 50, which maintains the United Kingdom’s membership of the EU until the 31st of October is illegal and thus the United Kingdom should have already left without a formal agreement.

For those who are in the know, there is a legal case which is virtually unknown. It was brought about by a man called Robin Tilbrook. It all came about because there was talk about Theresa May’s Article 50 extension being illegal. Britain was due to leave the EU on the 29th March, with or without a treaty (which the political class calls a deal). The pro-EU MPs wanted a treaty at all costs, which is why we have this case in the first place.

When the 29th March deadline passed, the MPs had another 2 weeks of non-negotiating. Then outgoing President of the European Council Donald Tusk suggested another what he called ‘flexstension.’ Theresa May asked for another extension until the 30 th June. The EU disagreed. An extension was granted until the 31 st October. The claim is that all of this was illegal.

Robin Tilbrook is a British solicitor and leader of the English Democrats. This party advocates English independence from the United Kingdom. The English Democrats favour British withdrawal from the European Union (EU), on grounds that it is undemocratic and authoritarian.

On the 3rd April 2019 an independent news outlet called the Unity News Network spoke to Robin Tilbrook, who said that Britain already left the EU and the courts role was merely to declare it so. This case was considered by Tilbrook to be far more important than that of Gina Miller. It seems that where Millar’s case got widespread media attention, Tilbrook’s has not.

For those who don’t know, the Gina Miller case was brought about as a failed attempt to thwart the referendum result. She did this by winning a court case against the government to allow Parliament to trigger Article 50 instead of Theresa May using the Royal Prerogative.

During the 3rd April 2019 interview, Robin Tilbrook expressed his gratitude for the financial
support that he received of £30,000. It was estimated that the Gina Miller case cost around £750,000.

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On the 14th June 2019, Robin Tilbrook got a mention from Conservative MP John Redwood. Redwood mentioned that the sponsors of the Tilbrook case weren’t writing or talking about it because it was unknown as to what is actually happening. On this occasion it didn’t appear to be a media inspired news blackout as some feared. I say there was a news blackout because Tilbrook supports Brexit. Miller had MSM coverage because she was – and still is – pro-EU.

Robin Tilbrook isn’t the only one who said that we already left on the 29 th March. There was Stanley Brodie, who spent over 40 years as Queen’s Counsel. He agreed that Britain left on the 29 th March by default.

After months of the case progressing slowly, the increasingly politicised system issued a special decision to reject the case as ‘Totally Without Merit’. This category of rejection was introduced to deal with the genuinely groundless applications of litigants in immigration cases in the Administrative Court.

A public comment was given by retired Court of Appeal Judge Sir Richard Aitkin that the case was ‘strongly arguable’ from the start, despite some judges trying to kill the case. This case was well above the merely ‘arguable’ threshold that was supposed to guarantee permission to Judicially Review. Robin Tilbrook recalled the fact that such a decision automatically gives the applicant one week in which to appeal.

It seemed somewhat coincidental that much of the major paperwork that was needed to file an appeal was required during Mr Tilbrook’s holiday. As soon as this attempt to knock out the Tilbrook case on technical/time grounds was spotted, his barrister, Francis Hoar, was alerted. Despite the short notice, he got a Revised Application ready for Robin Tilbrook’s case to issue in time.

The Robin Tilbrook case needs to be more widely covered. Robin Tilbrook is just one of the patriots fighting back against the pro-EU establishment.

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