The Globalists Last Stand: Part 5


These same MPs voted overwhelmingly to hold the EU referendum which voters were assured was binding. They voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50. They stood for a general election on manifestos promising to see Brexit through, including leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union.

By December 2018, pro-EU politicians Justine Greening, Caroline Lucas and Chuka Umunna handed in a petition to 10 Downing Street with more than a million signatures of those backing another vote. The Economist came out wanting another vote. This is what the Resistance is up against in the fight against globalist tyranny. In Britain’s case, it is the EU. We can’t let the overturning of Brexit happen otherwise Britain as a democratic country is doomed. This doom isn’t reported by the fake news media like the BBC or ITV. Why? This is because they want to present it as if the globalists have got their mojo back when they haven’t. More people are awake and are watching the globalists for their next move. The globalists are nonetheless still putting up a big fight in ensuring that Britain remains a colony of the EU and its draconian institutions. However, the Eurosceptics are fighting back despite the fact that most of them went to sleep as soon as Brexit was announced. Poll after poll revealed that a majority of the voters don’t want another referendum on the final deal. The fake news media presents it as if the majority want another vote when in reality, that isn’t the case. A huge number of those who voted Remain in the referendum came out and said that they would vote for Brexit next time round, which isn’t heard from the fake news media.

The globalists aren’t done yet. In early November 2018, President Macron and Chancellor Merkel called for an EU Army, whose goal is to operate like a secret police in totalitarian regimes. They will be deployed to quell uprisings against their beloved dictatorship. During the centenary marking 100 years after the end of the First World War, Macron had the audacity to call nationalism unpatriotic. In other words, Macron declared war with the concept of the nation state. Nationalism and Patriotism are one of the same. Patriotism is the love for one’s country. Nationalism is an extension of patriotism, adding the love for one’s identity. Nationalism isn’t a bad thing. I know, I know. When nationalism is presented in the fake news media, they want us to automatically conjure up images of Adolf Hitler, who by the way, was a National Socialist. Regarding Hitler, he and his cronies, being Herman Goering, Heinrich Himmler and others, as I document in my book The Occupation of Britain the Nazi links to the EU, which also stretched to organisations. One is the Federal Union of European Ethnic Groups (FUEV). The FUEV is an anti-Semitic, Nazi-supported, German-dominated promoter of ethnic regional politics. FUEV is active throughout Europe. The FUEV pursues the goal of a Federal Europe of the Regions, which means in their own words the end of the unitary and centralised nation-state, but not of course the end of the centralised European state. The FUEV organisation had the financial support of the German government. It is involved in the EU’s Committee of the Regions and the European Council’s Congress of Communities of Regions and since 1995.  Under the Nazis, they wanted a unified Europe. The EU is a much softer and gentler version of Nazi Germany with the militant socialist credentials of the Soviet Union.

Back to the subject of the globalists wanting to overturn Brexit. In January 2019, the British Parliament voted by a tiny majority to make sure that spending ready for a WTO Brexit is limited. It is called the Finance Bill. Who pushed it? Labour MP Yvette Cooper. She was a Remainer who remained a Remainer ever since. The amendment passed narrowly by 303 votes to 296. This is only another attempt to overturn the Brexit vote. The chances of No Deal haven’t actually been killed off so Britain will still leave on the 29th March 2019, deal or no deal. The date was changed to the 12th April.

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How do you know that you ask? Well, if this coalition really wants to stop a ‘no deal’ Brexit, then they would have to do more than pass amendments such as the Finance Bill. Ultimately, they would have to be prepared to bring down the government if they wanted to be certain of preventing it. These Remainer MPs wanted to deprive the British Government of its WTO option while they didn’t have a viable alternative. This vote prevents Chancellor Philip Hammond altering tax rates to fund no-deal disruption.  This is a crazy and dangerous strategy for Remainers. They will do anything to avoid WTO.

What if No Deal happened anyway? They will have crippled the British Government’s ability to deal with it. The wrecking clauses could make the chaos they fear much worse. These same MPs voted overwhelmingly to hold the EU referendum which voters were assured was binding. They voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50. They stood for a general election on manifestos promising to see Brexit through, including leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union. These Remainer MPs intend to honour none of them. It is fantasy politics for Remainers to pretend they can stop Brexit. This could only happen if Conservative MPs brought down their own government, or the government itself decided to go for a Brexit betrayal, which May did. Either move would have dramatic consequences and would see a lot of them getting deselected. The Finance Bill was allowed to go ahead by Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow. His aim? Overturn Brexit by rigging parliamentary game. I document John Bercow in my book The Liberation of Britain Part 2 where he went public for, saying that he voted Remain because of his belief that world trade will be through trade blocs.

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