The Globalists Last Stand: Part 4


The fourth instalment of The Globalists Last Stand. Discussing the attempts in the UK to overturn the largest democratic vote in the history of Britain.

In part 4, I document Theresa May doing all she could to overturn Brexit by giving us her Remain-Extra agreement, which is officially known as her Withdrawal Agreement.

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By November 2018, Theresa May decided to push her Remain deal, which the EU doesn’t want to renegotiate because it benefitted the EU and the EU only. On the 18th November 2018, Theresa May appeared on Sky News trying to justify her Remain deal, while Sky News gave ovations and licked her boots. Theresa May insisted that she was delivering Brexit when she was actually delivering our continued EU membership on even WORSE terms than we had before the EU referendum. May lied through her teeth. In other words, May totally betrayed the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit. Micheal Gove was set to lead Cabinet ministers Andrea Leadsom, Liam Fox, Penny Mordaunt and Chris Grayling to try and make Theresa May seal more promises on a future trade deal.

There was also a white paper written by the ERG, which documented the issues, which to those in the know already saw coming. They talked about the well-known key issues. The first key issue was that under the proposed agreement Britain would agree to pay to the EU a sum of approximately £39 billion, which would comprise a number of parts, including continued EU budget contributions during the transition period up to December 2020 for unfunded EU commitments and EU pensions, including for EU Commissioners and civil servants. Having been through a period of considerable austerity in Britain, it was difficult to justify paying such a huge amount of money, while the United Kingdom wasn’t guaranteed any future trading relationship in return, as this was still to be subsequently agreed. This hardly constituted taking back control of our money.

The second key issue was that under the proposals Britain would continue to be bound by EU laws in a number of critical areas, such as social policy, environmental policy, employment policy and customs. Britain would become a ‘rule taker’, which means we would have to continue to obey EU laws in these areas but having surrendered any influence over how they are drafted. Furthermore, under the agreement the ECJ will be the final arbiter of EU laws in power in Britain, putting our Courts, even our Supreme Court, in a junior position.

The third key issue behind Theresa May’s Remain deal was that under her proposed agreement a ‘Joint Committee’ of both the EU and Britain would be established to oversee Britain’s path to a future trade relationship, which has yet to be negotiated. However, if this relationship cannot be satisfactorily agreed by both parties Britain would be forced to enter a so called ‘backstop’ Customs Union with the EU. While we remain in a Customs Union Britain would be unable to strike international trade deals with other countries such as the USA or China or indeed, any other country. Moreover, and critically, once Britain actually entered the backstop we cannot leave without the consent of the unelected EU dictatorship. This would be a major surrender of our sovereignty, despite repeated public assurances in Parliament to the contrary. It would also be directly at odds with the Conservative Party’s 2017 General Election manifesto that stated unequivocally that following the referendum ‘we will no longer be members of the single market or customs union.’

The fourth key issue was that the agreement actually creates internal borders within the United Kingdom, as Northern Ireland, if we enter the backstop, would be treated separately to the rest of Britain just to please the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar. Specifically, Northern Ireland would become a rule taker in further areas such as goods, agricultural products and VAT. This would create ‘a border down the Irish Sea’, despite repeated assurances to Parliament that no British Government would ever contemplate a hard border. In other words, the EU wanted a hard border. The draft agreement contained a separate Protocol including clauses specific to Northern Ireland not affecting the rest of Britain. Treating Northern Ireland separately from Britain would only encourage separatism in Scotland, to the detriment of our United Kingdom. The separate treatment of Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom is unacceptable to the DUP on whom the Conservative Party since the 2017 general election relied for a working majority in the House of Commons. If the DUP were to withdraw their support from the Conservative Party, because of these proposals, the Government would collapse.

The fifth key issue was that the Agreement would be overseen by the ECJ as opposed to the British Supreme Court. Under the proposals the ECJ will remain in control of the agreement and those areas of EU law that remain effective in Britain. The ECJ will remain as the final arbiter of the agreement and of the EU laws Britain will be subject to. Again, this is wholly against the spirit of the referendum.

What happened next? Theresa May’s deal was voted down in the House of Commons twice: once where she lost by 230 votes and the second time where she lost by 149 votes. On the 13th March 2019, with most Remainer MPs being out of touch with the mood of the country, they voted to take WTO off the table as part of the Brexit negotiations. On the 14th March 2019, there was the vote on whether to extend the Article 50 process with the aim of the Remoaners to overturn Brexit. On the 14th March 2019, there was a vote on whether to extend Article 50. A government motion to extend Article 50 has passed by 412 to 202 votes. This was an act of treason. The EU agreed to a 2-week extension in order to get May’s Remain-Extra deal passed.

For more on attempts at overturning Brexit by Theresa May through her trying to opt us back into the EU structures, here is my latest book The Liberation of Britain Part 1:

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