The Globalists Last Stand: Part 3


The third instalment of the Globalists last stand. Discussing the attempts in the UK to overturn the largest democratic vote in the history of Britain.

In mid-April 2018, a group called Peoples’ Vote was set up with the aim of overturning Brexit. Let us look at them one by one. Cross-party Remainers launched a campaign thinly disguised as a democratic movement, which admitted the fact that they sought a second referendum on the final Brexit deal. With a number of key globalist players in the Tony Blair-backed continuity Remain campaign called Open Britain, the so-called People’s Vote supported and pushed for a vote on the final Brexit deal with a continued occupation option on the ballot. Both Labour MP Chuka Umunna and Conservative MP Anna Soubry, along with members of the entertainment industry (most of them anyway), youth movements and pro-EU indoctrinating academics launched the movement.

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I document attempts by the civil service to overturn Brexit. Yes, some of you will have heard of the controversial Olly Robbins who did all he could to sabotage Brexit talks. Robbins was just the tip of the iceberg. The uniformity when it came to voting of former senior civil servants in the House of Lords against Brexit mirrored the work of many globalist special interest groups and Remain supporters who wanted Britain’s continued EU membership as Brexit talks were still taking place. The former civil service sees every change or withdrawal from an EU body or system as a problem and they sought as an answer keeping it by proxy or opting back into it on by no doubt much worse terms, whereby Britain would be pillaged by Brussels. This isn’t what we voted for in the EU referendum. Ministers supervising work on Brexit need to push back harder on any advice they are getting which reflects the House of Lords critique of Brexit. The civil service, of course, has a duty to tell Ministers of any pressing problems, but also a duty to help Ministers push through good answers to those issues that result in implementing the agreed policy of Brexit. Neither side in the referendum will be happy if we recreate an EU membership by proxy from outside. As John Redwood recalled back in 2018, he spent many years wondering why so many officials were so keen on the EU. His conclusion was that the civil service in Whitehall liked its unique combination for them of unaccountable power and dispersal of responsibility. Officials do much of the detailed work with their opposite numbers in 27 other countries on the agenda, laws and programmes of the EU. UK Ministers have to work hard to have any influence on the process. Many don’t bother. They accept what the EU throws up as something they cannot control.  EU laws and policies can be used by officials to block things elected Ministers want to do.

Who is responsible for the fudge of a deal? None other than the controversial Olly Robbins, who is a Europhile touting the globalist cause. No wonder he played a role in trying to overturn the Brexit vote. Then came the infamous Chequers, which Theresa May rammed down the throats of her own Cabinet, which she agreed with the EU before her own cabinet, notably with Germany. On the 6th July 2018, Theresa May’s Cabinet met at Chequers. What happened? Theresa May confirmed that Britain would remain occupied by Brussels, thereby jeopardising the chances of Britain having trade deals with countries like the United States. Her proposals would force Britain to obey EU laws and regulations forever, thereby a Brexit-In-Name-Only was on the cards. Even Michael Gove, the hard-core patriot, backed Theresa May in keeping us occupied and selling Britain out to the EU Establishment. On that same day, Theresa May acted like a dictator threatening to sack Boris Johnson if he questioned Theresa May’s re-occupation plans. This is a mockery of Leave voters everywhere. However, the unelected EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier rejected May’s proposals. This was before the agreement between the cabinet was confirmed.

As of September 2018, it seemed that Theresa May was still pushing to keep Britain occupied on the sly, even if this meant barring true conservatives into the Conservative Party. Westmonster and Leave.EU’s Arron Banks has reportedly been blackballed from joining the Conservative Party for some dodgy reason. Banks, along with Leave.EU’s communications director Andy Wigmore both sought to join Andrew Bridgen’s local Conservative association in North West Leicestershire after initially having their membership applications refused. CCHQ has overturned Bridgen’s decision to allow the so-called Bad Boys of Brexit to join the association, calling into question just how welcome Brexiteers are in the modern Conservative Party ran by Appeaser Theresa May. How did the Conservative Party fall so low? The Conservative Party is the party of Winston Churchill, Benjamin Disraeli, Margaret Thatcher, Enoch Powell and Robert Peel to name a few. How did the Conservative Party get from those towering figures (in their own way) to being run by Reds in blue clothing, like Theresa May, Anna Soubry, Nicky Morgan, David Cameron or a Dominic Grieve? Your guess is as good as mine. Now, Theresa May tries to continue ignoring the vote by extending our EU membership for 2 weeks. I will document more of this in my upcoming articles.

For more on attempts at overturning Brexit by the civil service or House of Lords, here is my latest book The Liberation of Britain Part 3:

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