The Globalists last stand: Part 2


The second part of the Globalists last stand. Discussing the attempts in the UK to overturn the largest democratic vote in the history of Britain.

The attempts at ignoring the vote only got more and more hysterical. One month after the EU referendum, there was a claim by Labour MP Ben Bradshaw that Russia somehow hacked into the EU referendum to influence Brexit, when there was, and is, no evidence to back him up. Don’t believe me, get my book The Liberation of Britain Part 2. I document a chapter on the Russia collusion delusion, which ties in quite nicely with how Russia is being used as an excuse by the globalist deep state in Washington to overthrow Donald Trump and his presidency. Russia was used to a lesser degree in an attempt to overthrow the Brexit vote. I document an entire chapter about the Russia collusion delusion in my book The Liberation of Britain Part 2. Why? Because it ties in with the fact that the globalists trying to overturn Brexit are in fact no different to those who want to get rid of President Trump.


If you’re familiar with the fraudulent Russia-Trump collusion (also known as Russia-gate) investigation that was launched by Robert Swan Mueller III and former FBI director James Comey, along with the rogue elements of the top brass of the FBI after Donald Trump got elected US President, the anti-Brexit establishment tried to do exactly the same thing albeit to a lesser degree. The Remainers tried to bang on about businessman Aaron Banks and his relationship with the Russian Ambassador at the Russian Embassy. No evidence. Another way in which the Establishment globalists wanted to ignore the Brexit vote was through the fake Russia collusion between the Russian state and the Leave campaign during the EU referendum in 2016. The Russia collusion in anti-establishment campaigns are false. There is no evidence. Before we get into the British establishment, I will go through the truth about the Trump-Russia collusion. It is an absolute fraud. There are many sources which support the claim that the Trump-Russia collusion is a load of fraud.


Here are some key facts that need to be heard. The real collusion came about when a once top-secret intelligence memo declassified by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) and reviewed by Circa. The memo showed roughly ten pages listing hundreds of violations by the FBI of their privacy-protecting minimisation rules while James Comey was FBI director. The FISA report directly contradicted Comey’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. During a round of questions about securing and defending the privacy of American citizens, Comey stated under oath that the FBI used collected surveillance data from Americans without a search warrant. Under oath means you promising to tell the truth in the court of law. Comey promised to tell the truth in the court of law. He broke it. That is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution. The 4th Amendment states that if the government wanted to search someone’s house and/or business, they need to present a probable cause and get a search warrant. Comey violated the 4th Amendment. Director Comey then continued that this data was to be used only when it was collected, overseen and checked. This FISA report showed clearly that James Comey lied during his testimony. Among the violations declassified in the FISA report are examples of the FBI sharing data illegally with third parties, with no legal right to access the information. In addition, Comey’s FBI gathered protected attorney client communications. These communications were intercepted without using the oversight procedures he claimed were of the highest importance. The spying, done illegally on Trump and thousands of other Americans was a gross abuse of power unmatched. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) stated that newly disclosed violations were some of the most serious to ever be documented.


How does Comey and Mueller come together? James Comey and Robert Mueller are best buddies. That is a clear conflict of interest right there. Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommended that president Trump fire FBI Director James Comey. This was so that Rosenstein was able to set the stage for a stand-off between the two men and also for the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to lead an investigation into Russian meddling of the 2016 US presidential election.  Instead of finding any campaign collusion with foreign agents and Trump campaign officials, the FBI ended up only finding proof of the Clintons collusion to send 20% of America’s uranium to Russia. This resulted in giving Russia a monopoly of the global uranium market. When former FBI director James Comey admitted during his testimony before Congress that he intentionally leaked details of his conversations with President Donald Trump so that he could provoke an independent investigation and the appointment of a special prosecutor, he triggered an investigation into himself that showed that partisan politics was behind the Russian Collusion Delusion. President Donald Trump repeatedly represented his displeasure at the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who is a known close personal friend of James Comey.


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One collusion not heard from in the fake news media was the Obama-Clinton-Mueller-Rosenstein criminal collusion that enriched the Clinton-Democrat crime syndicate by hundreds of millions of dollars. The collusion also further embedded the power of the deep state operators who facilitated what may be the most brazen of self-serving criminal treasons in American history. This was Uranium-1. This scheme perpetrated by the Clinton crime family and their coterie of minions and fellow travellers, implicated top officials of the US federal government including and especially the US Department of Justice, including and especially Robert Mueller (the one who acts like he is God when he isn’t) and Rod Rosenstein. Pro-active Republican lawmakers demanded the resignation of Robert Mueller, as a start, and called for a thorough probe of his entire ad hoc operation, which fell apart at the seams. There were daily revelations of its rotten fraudulent core, which wasn’t reported by the fake news such as the BBC. Mueller’s decades as an high-up establishment puppet only ended with his ceding of the FBI’s top job to his good pal, James Comey,another well-known criminal leaker and manipulator within the Washington Deep State Establishment. This offered more than enough grounds for Mueller’s disqualification for the appearances of impropriety and professional conflicts of interest they raised at the outset. Mueller should never even have been considered for appointment to a position of this magnitude. This was because the Deep State in Washington were of such incestuous nature as it concerned key figures of the conspiracy to remove the duly elected American president.


The short version regarding the story of Uranium One is that in 2010, the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved and facilitated a highly-suspicious business deal when Mueller was FBI director. That business deal gave public implication in that the result of it was that Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton effectively handed control of upwards of 20% of America’s uranium assets to Russia, specifically Rosatom. Rosatom is one of the world’s largest uranium companies. When the deal came into fruition, after years of nefarious Clintonian machinations urging it along, Mueller’s FBI was not only investigating, but they uncovered clear evidence of Russian bribery and fraud. As a result, Vladimir Putin’s Russia had the monopoly of the uranium markets around the world. This was all to the detriment of US uranium contractors, as part of a larger Russian racketeering scheme to gain control of global uranium resources, namely by purchasing the power and influence being peddled by the Clintons to anyone who would meet their terms. These are the same people investigating their opponents with very little links to the Central Asian elites.


That was in the United States. Regarding the Russia collusion delusion about the EU referendum, on the 12th June 2018, Aaron Banks faced a committee whereby he clobbered them, saying that the links between Russia and Brexit were non-existent. Damian Collins wanted to know if Arron Banks took Moscow gold to fund the Leave.EU campaign. There wasn’t even a shred of evidence to back up that statement. Arron wanted to appear in front of the DCMS Select Committee, then he said he wouldn’t go, and then said he would go. Banks outsmarted Damian Collins along with his dire Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee all morning, until Banks then left them completely humiliated by standing up, telling them he had a lunch to go to and walking out. Nothing the impotent Collins could do. For more, please get The Liberation of Britain Part 2.

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