Jeremy Corbyn Is Good For The Left!


Despite bitter attacks from his own MPs and 2 leadership elections in the space of a year, Jeremy Corbyn still fights on. He offers a form of popular Socialism denied to the electorate for years. Britain needs a Socialist party. Jeremy Corbyn is the best person to offer this choice to voters.

Britain needs a socialist voice

I acknowledge that this isn’t the most popular opinion currently circulating right wing thought. There is a split amongst conservatives over how to view Jeremy Corbyn. One half sees this as a disaster for adversarial politics. The other as a gift for both the Conservatives and UKIP. The second I cannot disagree with, Jeremy Corbyn may struggle to win over working class voters who flocked to UKIP. The first, however, I challenge.

Adversarial politics in Britain died with Tony Blair. The past 20 years have been a slow coming together of the two main parties. Principled fights between two political parties completely hostile and sceptical of each other have been reduced to quibbling over minutiae.

Where are the splits in education over selection? The splits in policing over punishment or rehabilitiation? What about splits in the economy between state ownership and privatisation? These have disappeared, largely because of the very agreeable circumstances of our representatives in parliament. At present it seems there is more disagreement within Labour than between Blairite Labour MPs and Cameron’s Conservatives.

Jeremy Corbyn represents a principled socialist position

The recent tactics by Labour MPs to keep Jeremy Corbyn off the ballot paper for the upcoming leadership election illustrate this political crisis. New Labour MPs show complete disdain for their members who continue to respect and admire Jeremy Corbyn. It is not the membership that is out of step but the parliamentary party. Had Blairite MPs decided not to put their ideology above their party there would be no current crisis.

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A political party should not seek to alter its principles to win elections. Political parties should go to the electorate with their plan and sell it. Instead of assuming the public have closed minds, we must assume that they are open to persuasion and that Jeremy Corbyn can achieve that. Labour MPs clearly don’t see socialism as a viable, election winning ideology. Do they really expect socialism to play no role in the Labour party? Or should that role be so small as to go unnoticed?

A slightly similar scenario has been seen in UKIP with Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage opposing eachother. How absurdly it would be looked at if Douglas Carswell sought to depose Nigel Farage against the wishes of almost the entirety of the party members? It is the responsibility of a parliamentary party to carry its members with it. The Labour party has failed to do this, and is seeking to blame their members rather than themselves.

Either back the leader or stand down

If the Blairites and Corbynites cannot come together, the Blairites should go. The current David Cameron Conservative Party would suit Blairites rather more than they’d like to admit. The future Conservative Party under Theresa May will no doubt enforce that secret desire. If Blairite MPs are not prepared to allow Jeremy Corbyn to continue, they should stand down or defect. Jeremy Corbyn always rebelled against Tony Blair, but he did not seek to drag the party into an endless leadership challenge because he was unhappy with the democratic result.

There are few issues in politics with which I share agreement with Jeremy Corbyn. The European Union would have been one had he not been forced to sell his principles. I do, however, understand the annoyance of having a leader that does not share your party’s core values. A socialist Labour member hated the Tony Blair years, yet they kept their memberships. It is time for the socialists to reclaim the Labour Party. A week is a long time in politics and the next 4 years could well throw up circumstances in which Jeremy Corbyn could win an election. The pollsters disagree, but then we remained in the European Union didn’t we?

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