I’m Alex, a student of Classics and sometime philosopher. This blog is a place for freethinking on various topics not limited to politics, the world at large, and our very selves. Assumptions will be challenged, and I hope my ideas will have appeal far beyond established conservatism. Expect unorthodox thinking from surprisingly orthodox sources.


Alex's Latest Blog Posts

Why I don’t like Effective Altruism

Welcome, all newcomers, to my Burkean blog. The focus of this little corner of the site will be (usually) brief gobbets approaching ethics, ideology, and political history from a conservative perspective. Occasionally I may treat myself to…

Socrates, Hegel or Both? An Enquiry

Historically, philosophy has been both the domain of the layman and the academic. In today’s world, to study philosophy involves enrolling in an academic institution – a college or university which offers degrees in philosophy or Classics…

The Hebrides – An Aesthetic Journey

I recently returned home from two-week long journey away from my cosy surroundings in the South of England. I had been spending some time in Cumbria, but a week-and-a-half before that on the Isle of Eriskay in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.…

Conservatism with Alex: War and Peace

This is part 3 in the Conservatism with Alex series. Today Alex discusses war and peace. War is a dirty word – and it rightly should be. War is terrible, and I have long argued that the sole justification of war is the defence of a…

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