EU Stalemate: Hungary Fights Migrant Quotas

And I don't believe they'll back down


Hungary is about to take its fight to bureaucrats of Brussels and in the process take the country into a more nationlist direction as Hungary fights migrant quotas. Hungary has long been able to distinguish between migrants and refugees, something the West has been unable to do, not coincidently I might add.

Precisely because they are having economic migrants and not refugees forced upon them, the resentment is building far more than if they were asked to accept a number of genuine refugees. However, because of the mismanagement by Europe as a whole to deal with the migrant crisis and separate the issue of refugees from economic migration, Hungary now feels the need to protect itself from our folly by erecting borders between itself and other EU nations.

Of course, Hungary will be attacked by the EU as a ‘rogue’ member, fined and forced to submit to the new capital of Germany; Brussels. I don’t believe they will submit however. Their recent history of communist dictatorship has, in my view, given the Hungarians a strong sense of when a political system is becoming too centralised and dictatorial.

I’ve always felt that the West of Europe has held an arrogant superiority over the East, seeming to think it knows best, all the time. For a person like myself who fundamentally beleives in sovereigtny and decentralisation, I understand the frustrations of the Hungarians, seemingly lacking the power to govern its own lands in its own interests.

The EU will of course use sanctions to coerce the Hungarians into submission. Economic sanctions are an attempt by a state or a people to inflict economic harm on another people. Is this really what the EU project is about when we see the leaders of the EU purposely inflicting damage on the population of Hungary for having the audacity to disagree with them.? For me, this seems a form of control, a way of weaponising economics against a country.

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I see a similarity with the debate in Hungary and the debate in Wales during the EU referendum. We were threatened with the end of this EU funding for infrastructure by the Welsh remainers, not understanding that who we are as a people mattered more than a shiny new road that ended up being a route out of Wales anyway.

Yet again however, we see the European Union scratching their collective heads and wondering why Hungary isn’t as grateful as they believe it should be. Once more failing to acknowledge the importance of heritage and culture to people’s lives.

Now the EU referendum is out of the way, I am reverting back to type and concentrating my efforts on the bigger picture of the EU project. I want others to concentrate, not on the intellectual arguments surrounding the EU, but on the practical policies and effects it’s having on the ground. I believe this will show the true face of the European project, to erode the sovereignty of its members and to unify the continent under a centralised government, heavily influenced by Germany.

I believe that there is a role for Britain in all of this. Once we’ve left the European Union, we have a responsibility to our allies to continue to strengthen century old ties as an independent, self-governing nation. Taking back control also means taking back responsibility, responsibility to protect smaller European nations and their people as they exercise their right to pursue their own ambitions.

Unfortunately we have seen Greece, Spain and soon to be portugal at the point of no return, where it matters not whom they elect, but whomever happens to be in Brussels, where, guess what? They have the final say. Let us hope that Hungary does not become an addition to this list and conform to a project that appears incompatible with who they are as a people.

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