Controlling immigration isn’t racist


For the sake of the remain campaign: Controlling immigration isn’t racist. Nor is talking about it. Nor is worrying about it. Nor is not wanting 300,000 new arrivals in your country each year. The new BSE campaign tactic of ‘call brexiteers racists’ is foolish. The UK wants immigration levels reduced, it doesn’t make us a racist country.

This shouldn’t need saying yet it does. Controlling immigration isn’t racist. One of the most damaging effects of Enoch Powell’s stance on immigration was to make the issue taboo. This meant that the majority of the country who wanted reductions in immigration levels had no friends in parliament. Or at least no friends in parliament prepared to speak out. The concerns remained and grew in strength. Ultimately, by failing to address this issue, the mainstream created an environment in which the BNP could prosper. The fringes of politics make ground when the mainstream ignores big issues. A few years of pretending to care have done nothing to help the mainstream grapple the issue. It appears they have given up and reverted to the old tactics of calling people racist.

Controlling immigration should be as fundamental as defence, not optional

I understand the remain camps motives. On the issue of immigration they have no answers. Voting to remain in the EU referendum is voting to retain free movement for 500 million people. This means having no control over more than half of our current migration levels. With immigration concerns the most important issue in the EU referendum this poses a problem for remain. They don’t want to talk about it and when pressed will attempt to shift focus onto the economy. The past few weeks have relentlessly exposed the remain camps failure on immigration, which is why they have reverted to the old tactics.

It was only going to be a matter of time before the remain campaign pulled the race card. Some people do believe it is racist to discussion migration, though they consist mainly of far-left kooks and one-world government types. Remain don’t believe it is racist to discuss immigration, they just want you to think it is.

By aiming to portray the Vote Leave campaign as divisive, racist and swimming in all sorts of ‘phobia’s’, remain risk alienating and angering the majority of the population. The attempt by some on the remain side to attribute the death of MP Jo Cox to the Vote Leave campaign is beneath contempt. Instead of accusing Vote Leave of somehow encouraging murder for political reasons, remain should look at the perpetrator and his connections. If it turns out he was encouraged by far-right groups to commit murder then shut down those groups, but neither Vote Leave or Brexit is to blame.

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Vote Leave is simply addressing the biggest concerns of the British public

Vote Leave aren’t talking about controlling immigration because they are far-right racists. They talk about controlling immigration because that’s what the public wants to talk about. It also happens to be a leave votes strongest arguing point. Political discussion cannot continue to be dictated on the left’s terms. If the left is losing an argument, it talks about tone or ‘the need to be careful’. They effectively shift the goal posts to a position they feel more comfortable in: namely not talking about immigration. Calls of racism or division or bigotry by the remain campaign are purely campaigning tactics and have no basis in anything other than emotional drivel.

Nigel Farage’s latest poster on immigration is distasteful. It’s a heavy handed way of addressing a serious concern. It isn’t racist though. He is after all arguing for fewer white Eastern European migrants. In terms of the EU debate, the only racism he could be accused of is anti-white racism, indulged in by many on the left. It is perfectly reasonable to attack the Nigel Farage poster as distasteful, crass and potentially unhelpful. To call it racist is incorrect and de-values the word to the level of the boy who cried wolf. One day, a real racist party will rise up again. The left will stand up and call it out, and nobody will believe them.

The British people want Westminster controlling immigration

Controlling immigration is a national competence and British people see this. The people who want to control immigration don’t care about skin colour. They care about their communities, their public services, the prospects of their children and a whole range of other things. These aren’t bigots, these are ordinary people with ordinary concerns. The remain campaign is trying to shut down the debate, just like the left. They risk it backfiring and hardening opposition to the European Union. They also risk alienating these people post-referendum. Regardless of the referendum, controlling immigration levels will remain the most important issue in politics. Those crying racist at voters now will struggle to win them over at election time. More votes for UKIP? I think so.

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