Why I’m Backing Henry Bolton For UKIP Leader

For Ukippers up and down the country, September is going to be a monumental month. 7 diverse candidates have been flogging their ideas to members in the hope of winning the top job in UKIP. I have decided to support Henry Bolton for UKIP leader, and I want to persuade fellow UKIP members to do the same!

It’s certainly tough being a member of Ukip at present. Not only has the party tanked in the polls, achieving a measly 1.8% of the vote in the recent election, but it also appears to have lost its place in the debate over our EU exit. If Ukip is to survive, and indeed thrive, it will need to take back control of the debate, to coin a popular phrase.

Henry Bolton is best  help Ukip take back control of the EU debate

As much as I would like to have faith in the Conservative Party to deliver a clean break from the European Union, recent history illustrates why I do not. Talk of transitional arrangements has become commonplace and appears to have been accepted by the mainstream media, and indeed by many mainstream politicians.

The ‘Brexit bill’ is talked about as if demanding large sums of money from a nation for expressing its desired will is commonplace. These are just a few of the debates which a strong Ukip would be able to quite easily challenge. Thusfar, the mainstream has been allowed to walk away with it, we cannot allow that to continue.

But it isn’t just the European Union that requires a serious party with a serious vision. The growth of radical Islam, and indeed the growth of Islam in general has thrown British politics into a new, necessary but uncomfortable debate. The key question in my mind on this whole issue remains; How do we integrate large groups of people whose primary allegiance is to ideology, not land? Secondly, how to we engage with this debate in the most constructive and indeed useful way?

Islam is an important topic, but only Henry Bolton has the professionalism to effectively deal with it

Identity has become something of a sine qua non of politics, but the debate is not an easy one. It is inevitable that Guardian types who have encouraged the policies that have left us requiring these debates will try and shut it down, with their various ism’s and phobia’s. It is incumbent upon Ukip as a party to do their utmost to bypass this nonsense. The best way of achieving this is by electing somebody who makes these claims look as ridiculous as they are. You dispel this ridiculousness by appearing credible and by approaching these difficult subjects with tact and dignity. This is why I’m backing Henry Bolton for Ukip leader.

Henry has a vast swathe of experience in the realms of international diplomacy and defence, something which will most certainly become a hot topic as terrorism continues to scourge Western societies. Not only has he a wealth of experience on matters diplomatic, but he’s also seen first hand the almost uniform backward steps the Islamic world has made in recent years to a far more intolerant and fundamental form of Islam.

Ukip needs to avoid the baggage carried by some of the leadership candidates

I understand why so many Ukip members will cast their votes for Anne-Marie Waters on this precise issue, but I would urge them to reconsider. I am not one for joining the “she’s a fascist” brigade, she’s quite clearly a reasonable person who has (for the most part) argued a reasonable platform. I would stress however her sheer lack of political judgement. By helping found street movements and associating herself with individuals linked to the BNP, you would be forgiven for thinking she didn’t believe in the parliamentary system at all.

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Just like Raheem Kassam and some of his more disgusting tweets, it would become the only story Ukip would be asked to discuss and would detract from the very important work that is required if a party like Ukip ever wants to restore its voter base.

We do need to have a discussion about Islam and Islamism and by extension offer a policy platform to address many of the country’s concerns, but it’s not the only discussion. Anne-Marie’s platform has the feel of the old Ukip platform back when the party was a pressure group, arguing for a single issue and hammering that issue home wherever possible. This in my view is a backward step for a political party whose member surely envisage it in Government one day.

To win seats Ukip needs a wider appeal, something Henry Bolton can provide

Ukip may have many internal struggles and a lot of the debate during this leadership contest has centred on party structure, but Ukip members must also remember the bigger picture; attracting votes and winning seats. Admittedly, this is something that even the great Farage struggled with, but it’s not an impossible feat if the party pitches itself to the right people.

Ukip needs desperately to appeal to a wider audience. I’m backing Henry Bolton for because I believe he is the best candidate to appeal beyond Ukip’s base. As disheartening as it is to admit, Ukippers do not represent a majority in the UK. Therefore, the biggest obstacle to winning seats remains those who disagree with us. This is where we must look for success.

Henry Bolton has that wider appeal. He has a level of professionalism necessary for a wide appeal, something Nigel Farage did not have. Polarising figures hinder any party under a First Past The Post system and of the leadership candidates standing, Henry Bolton appears to me the most capable of reaching across both divides and encouraging former Labour and Conservative voters to put their cross in the Ukip box at election time.

Ukip needs a team of vast experience to break into issues beyond the EU & immigration

Majorites are all about coalitions, Ukip needs to build one, and it’s going to need to be wide if it’s ever going to win. Ukip needs to drop the ‘dad’s army’ look and make an asserted effort to professionalise. This means elevating serious people to positions of authority who are able to convince the country that the party has seriously thought about the issues and has a credible and desirable plan for addressing them.

I believe Henry Bolton is the best placed candidate for this monumental task. His vast experience would indeed grant him an authority that no other candidate would have. When somebody has sat at the top table, negotiated competing interests and represented important institutions, it’s far harder to dismiss them as a crank, loon or indeed fruitcake.

Ukip needs a leader for the country, not just for the party. This principle is one I always aim for when deciding who to vote for and it’s one of the main reasons I’m backing Henry Bolton. We’re not likely to win a general election anytime soon, but surely it doesn’t hurt to start considering what is necessary to achieve it? By voting for Henry Bolton, Ukip members will be voting for somebody who doesn’t just have the most experience of all the candidates to lead  the country, but somebody who could lead the country with the support of people who didn’t vote for him.

With 7 candidates to choose from, every vote really does count. Henry’s experience, professionalism and appeal are my reasons for giving him my vote, a vote I will certainly feel more comfortable casting this time around. There are other great candidates, indeed none are particularly bad, but for the sake of Brexit, for the sake of our culture and identity and for the sake of winning parliamentary seats at the next election, I am backing Henry Bolton for Ukip leader, and I hope you do too!

  1. Malcolm Sewell says

    I think you are wrong, in as much as Nigel Farage gained vote from both Labour and Conservative, because he got their attention and told the truth, and had sensible arguments, he always answered a question, never prevaricated, he was different to other politicians.
    Henry Bolton is not different enough. As leader he will be just the same as any other politician in the eyes of most people, and he will not attract sufficient voters to make much of a difference. I agree we need good people to represent the party , and we have them. They need to show a united front, and work together once a new leader is chosen. But just as in the recent past a lot of women were attracted by Suzanne Evans even though she was not the leader, a lot more will be attracted by another woman. One who they will take notice of because she like Nigel, tells it as it is, and will be believed.
    It is no good expecting people to take UKIP seriously, as we have no MP’s and so they will never vote for us in sufficient numbers to get us elected in a first past the post system. UKIP only existed because of EU Proportional representation, people understand that. What UKIP can do, is give voice to the real concerns of the people but as a political party not just a street movement. Our history of support for a referendum , the way we forced the government to take notice, is enough to worry the establishment that we may do it again. The critical point is that politics has changed. It is no good banging the tired old drum of policy because people just don’t believe politicians anymore. JRE ‘s ideas for restructuring the website and the way party structure can be more inclusive, is all about a new way, one where people are comfortable using the internet for their information, and one where the members feel there are listened to.
    But, the key to all of this is tapping into a popular mood, one which will create a new UKIP. There is only one candidate who has the passion and the honesty and the courage to stick to her guns in the face of adversity, and that is of course Anne Marie Waters . No matter who we elect this week, we will be attacked constantly, because they dont want us to succeed. None of the other parties, apart perhaps from the DUP want us to succeed.
    If we are different, if we are more than a one man or one woman party, and we stand out, and are getting masses of support in opinion polls, the calls for PR of some sort will resonate. Fewer and fewer people are bothering to vote, but PR will change that. UKIP needs to be there fighting for it. Imagine if we had 25% in the polls, suddenly a lot of constituencies will be shaky, suddenly the Government will be talking about adopting some of our policies, just as they did before. So you see UKIP is a pressure group , but it is only by being a political party it can make a difference.
    The one issue which the other candidates are paying lip service to, is Islamification. Why do you think that is? it is because they know it is important in peoples minds, and it will get them some votes, but they have not got what it takes to be an Anne Marie, her knowledge on this subject and the support she has outside of the party is enormous, and we would be stupid to ignore that.
    Islamification is going to be the next big issue. it is only going to get worse, not better, and the more attacks there are, the more people will realise what Anne Marie has been saying is the absolute truth. Apart from that, she has the same attitude to other policy areas, and she will chime with the people, in fact she fervently believes it is the people who should be in the driving seat, and the politicans including herself should be undertaking their will. Forget Islam for the moment, this attitude will capture peoples interest, create some belief in our country once again, that is what UKIP stands for above everything else, a country where people are free to be themselves within our law.

    1. Benjamin Mackenzie says

      I don’t personally believe that AMW has the credibility to tackle the issue that she talks so much about. It’s almost a case of he who wields the knife. She may have some interesting points to make, but she has almost nothing to say on anything else, which alarms me.

      I think JRE’s policies for internal politics are pie in the sky and unworkable. It sounds good, but I think it’ll fall at the first hurdle and will turn Ukip infighting into a public spectacle, all the time.

      Henry Bolton isn’t perfect, but I believe he has the greatest ability out of all the candidates to turn the party into a serious electoral force, winning over enough of the middle classes to allow the party to win seats. Without winning seats, Ukip has no purpose, that’s what the party should aim for, and that means broadening our support base and accepting a few changes.

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