Cardinal Virtues: Justice

Traditional conservatives are sceptical of the State and believe in strong defences of liberty such as trial by jury, habeas corpus, Magna Carta and Common Law. Britain’s acceptance of Continental style ‘Rights’ as well as InterPol arrest warrants, attempted imposition of ID cards and abolition of jury equity in cases of terrorism are grave threats…

Cardinal Virtues: Courage

In the case of Sir Roger Scruton and his framed interview, which led to his dismissal, the politicians and journalists should have to pay a price for their cowardice and their lack of integrity. This is the virtue of courage writ large;…

Cardinal Virtues: Temperance

Human nature has not fundamentally changed in the past two millennia, we are still prone to the same weaknesses as our forebears. Temperance has been selected out of all the virtues as one of ringing importance.

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