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The Burkean is a British political blog and the home of social conservatism. We seek to offer the best arguments for socially conservative solutions to British society’s pressing problems, as well as supporting charities and social organisations – the “little platoons” – that seek solutions to our social ills independent of the state.

As Burkean conservatives we believe that society, not politicians, offer the best chance of solving our country’s problems, and we hope to be a network for likeminded people who share our desire to nurture the British social organism.

History of The Burkean


The Burkean was originally conceived and launched in 2015 by Benjamin Mackenzie, former student at the University of Leicester. Within a few months Alex Illingworth, Classics student at the University of Oxford, became involved and both have been integral to the website ever since. The Burkean must also pay a huge debt of gratitude to former University of Warwick student James Holderness. James was never a traditional conservative but dedicated his time and effort to ensuring the site continued to grow. While James is no longer with us, we will never forget his contribution to our site and the articulate nature with which he wrote.

After three years of branding and re-branding and a few new additions to the team – including Richard Thomas and Thomas Turton – The Burkean has now settled its direction as the home of social conservatism. We have since refined our mission statement above to best illustrate our aims and have been working on a concrete plan for achieving them.

Over the next few years we aim to be the authoritative source on all things Burkean conservative. Not only are we aiming to provide the best arguments for social conservatism on the issues of the day, but we’re also working on a knowledgebase, to help pass on the message of social conservatism in an exciting and informative way. We have a long road ahead, but as Edmund Burke once said; All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. We certainly won’t be doing nothing, and we hope you won’t either!


What does The Burkean offer?


With a far more strictly defined remit and vision for the future, The Burkean has been able to work on a strategy for offering the best traditionally conservative arguments as well as other projects we are currently working on. So that you aren’t left wondering what we do on a monthly basis, we’ve produced the following information to explain what we produce, when we produce it and most importantly how you can get it!

Burkean Blogs: Despite being a traditionalist blog, we understand the importance of current affairs to political life. We need to be talking about the issues people are talking about, not only the issues that we think are important. Our Burkean Blogs give an opportunity for our writers to express their thoughts and concerns on the issues of the day. We aim for them to be as brief and informative as possible, while also providing social conservatives with the ammunition they need for countering the progressive narrative on a wide range of issues and events.

Long Reads: While blogs are a great format for giving people concise views and information, some issues are simply too big to be discussed in a blog post, therefore we’ve created our long reads section. Each Sunday our core writing team work to provide an in-depth, referenced piece of work, making an argument for a change toward social conservatism in a particular area. We currently write our long reads on issues related to Brexit, Devolution, Conservatism, Religion and Crime & Policing. Our only limits are limits of interest and the areas we cover will expand when we are able to recruit the volunteers who can drive those arguments.

Guest Articles: As well as our writers offering some of their views on the issues of the day and some of the solutions to alleviate them, we also value the contribution of people whom we consider experts in their respective areas. The Burkean believes it is important to allow debate to flourish. Time constraints may limit this, however we are aiming to have a guest article each month that offers a unique insight into one of our covered areas. We want to be on the front line of these debates, which means engaging with those currently involved in them.

The Burkean Brief: The Burkean Brief is our monthly newsletter where we compile the most up-to-date information and news on the areas we cover as well as discussing what’s been going on at The Burkean for the past month. We have worked extremely hard to make this newsletter as easy to digest as it is enjoyable. We also provide all of our subscribers with a form where they can tell us what sort of information they want and how best we can deliver it to them. The Burkean Brief is there for you, so sign-up today!

The Burkean Wiki: The Burkean Wiki is an attempt by us to provide you with a rich and reliable database of information on everything Burkean conservative. We intend to provide biographies of key figures such as Edmund Burke, answers to questions such as ‘what is Burkean conservatism?’ and general information that is useful to social conservatives and anyone seeking to understand social conservatism. This is a long term project that will require a lot of time and effort, but keep checking back for the latest wiki updates!

The Little Platoons Podcast: The Little Platoons podcast is a Burkean exclusive offering thoughtful debate and discussion, comedy, tragedy and some fantastic unsigned music. We aim to interview some of the most interesting and important conservative thinkers and speakers of our time, get to the bottom of some of conservatism’s most complex debates and most importantly poke fun at ourselves for our eccentricity.


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If you would like to find out more about any of our writers you can do so by visiting our Burkean Writers Page. If you are interested in contributing to The Burkean, please send us a message either via our Facebook or Twitter, or email:


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