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About Us

The Burkean Mission Statement

The Burkean is a political blog of the right with the aim of discovering and promoting sound political thinking on liberty and justice. We comment on current affairs in both the UK & US and generally believe in a smaller state with lower taxes.


History of The Burkean

The Burkean was officially founded in June 2015 and launched in September the same year by Benjamin Mackenzie, but has from its inception morphed quite dramatically and as a result has relaunched several times. The inclusion of others such as Alex Illingworth and James Holderness have been instrumental in the development of the site from a blog primarily directed at students to one that seeks to promote conservative thinking to a wider national audience in both the UK & US.

The increasingly difficult political environment has, we believe, stunted the development of right-wing thought both online and in academia. We aim to provide a platform to individuals to promote their views and ideas freely and openly. More speech, not less, is always a better solutions to political problems.


What’s the future?

We are always looking to expand the sites talent and cover a wide array of political discussions. We are currently looking to expand in the United States and are always happy to accept new contributors.

We hope in the near future to offer a weekly podcast with an opportunity for readers to discuss their views also. As well as that, The Burkean is aiming to begin a series of interviews with leading conservative thinkers and activists, generating a wide-ranging discussion amongst burkean conservatives, libertarians, one nation conservatives and others.


For more from Us

If you would like to find out more about any of our writers you can do so by visiting our Burkean Writers Page. If you are interested in contributing to The Burkean, please send us a message either via our Facebook or Twitter, or email: