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The Burkean is a British political blog and the home of social conservatism. We seek to offer the best arguments for socially conservative solutions to British society’s pressing problems, as well as supporting charities and social organisations – the “little platoons” – that seek solutions to our social ills independent of the state.

As Burkean conservatives we believe that society, not politicians, offer the best chance of solving our country’s problems, and we hope to be a network for likeminded people who share our desire to nurture the British social organism.

History of The Burkean

The Burkean was originally conceived and launched in 2015 by Benjamin Mackenzie, former student at the University of Leicester. It wasn’t long before Alex Illingworth, a Classics student from Oxford, became involved and the two have run the site ever since. The Burkean must also pay a huge debt of gratitude to former University of Warwick student James Holderness. James was never a traditional conservative but dedicated his time and effort to ensuring the site continued to grow. While James no longer writes for us, we will never forget his contribution to our site and the articulate nature with which he wrote, often providing a stern challenge and counter-narrative that engaged and challenged our readers.

Originally conceived as a platform for small-c conservative students to challenge and inform each other, as the years have gone on and our writers have moved from study into work, the site too has moved further away from its student roots to appeal to social conservatives of all ages. The addition of Richard Thomas, Simon Bonney and Thomas Turton to The Burkean editorial team have cemented our position as the home of social conservatism.

Social conservatism was once the dominant political philosophy of British politics, grounded in sound philosophy and underpinned by a natural British desire towards the familiar. Times have changed and as a result social conservatism has increasingly been seen as either irrelevant, outdated or both. This characterisation couldn’t be further from the truth and The Burkean hopes to challenge this narrative by proving that social conservatism is as relevant now as it ever was.

To do this, The Burkean aims to offer regularly informative, entertaining and thought-provoking content that both challenges the current received wisdom of our time, whilst ensuring we do so with the utmost reason and respect that we’d expect of gentlemen. We have always tried to ensure The Burkean projects an image of genuine respectability, distinguishing itself from the myriad blogs that undermine the cause of social conservatism through a deliberate attempt to inflame, rather than persuade those who disagree with us.


What does The Burkean offer?

Over the years we have become well aware of the constant difficulty in ensuring we produce top quality content on a regular basis. The vast majority of our contributors work full-time, therefore are only able to offer contributions in their spare time and on a voluntary basis. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who gives up their time to help the site continue to grow, but this has presented us with limitations.

Our editorial team took the decision that it was far better for us to concentrate on quality. We have streamlined our work and removed those areas that we felt we could no longer commit to maintaining the high standard we’ve set ourselves.



Essays will now be at the heart of The Burkean’s desire to offer the best arguments for social conservatism. Sir Roger Scruton often describes social conservatism as an instinct, which explains why it can be so difficult for social conservatives to agree on anything. Our essays attempt to offer a professional and respectable platform for the proposition of policies, arguments and the advancement of specific principles.

We would like to see essays propose a specific question or argument, narrow enough in scope that a real depth of understanding can be obtained. Our essays act as our highest quality offering to socially conservative minds and therefore we are committed to the utmost rigour in editing, referencing and promoting.

We expect our essays to be between 2000 – 2500 words, allowing for a level of discretion depending on the particular nature of the work submitted. If you are interested in submitting an essay, have a pitch you’d like to discuss with us or have an already finished piece of work we might be interested in, please get in touch by e-mailing editorial[at]theburkean.co.uk.


Conservative Comment

One of the joys of social conservatism is its desire for practicality and prudence. As a result, social conservatives have some of the most differing opinions of any political philosophy. We want to exploit that diversity of opinion and channel it into a growing discussion within social conservatism.

Whilst seriousness is important in politics, we all recognise that politics is but one area of our lives and an area that oughtn’t be that important. The Conservative Comment sections is an attempt to allow a more informative discussion on anything from political issues to entertaining discussions on our personal lives.

We want contributions to this area to be both serious and entertaining, informative and informal. We expect our comment pieces to be between 800 – 1000 words. If you would like to contribute to our Conservative Comment section please send an email with your work to editorial[at]theburkean.co.uk.


For more from The Burkean

If you would like to find out more about any of our writers you can do so by visiting our Burkean Writers Page. If you are interested in contributing to The Burkean, please send us a message either via our Facebook or Twitter, or email: editorial[at]theburkean.co.uk

I’d just like to personally thank everyone who takes the time to contribute to The Burkean. We cannot survive without your effort and we are eternally grateful that social conservatives continue to have faith in us to be the respectable and informative platform we hope you want!

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