5 Tired Brexit Myths Busted

Not including the ridiculous prorogation myth


In-case you’re bored of the prorogation myth, here are 5 more tired Brexit myths that just won’t die.

Now, I know there are plenty of these articles around, primarily by Remainers repeating tired arguments and clutching at straws, trying to – appropriating for a second the leftist lexicon of the hour – gaslight us into believing that this was a catastrophic mistake, built on a foundation of lies, sold by elitist hacks hell bent on destroying the poor. This is demonstrably not true and is, amongst other things, indicative of the fear tactics that characterised the Remain campaign, tactics they will continue to employ as they desperately seek to overturn the valiant and triumphant will of the British people.

Accordingly, we here at the Burkean saw fit to right a few wrongs and bust a few myths. We thought it best to start with a classic.


We need the EU more than they need us.


By what metric? By the fact that less than 11% of British business sells anything to the EU compared to the UK being the single largest exports market for EU goods? By the fact that the European Union essentially monopolises its own market, creating an impenetrable protectionist bloc which the UK is all but shackled to, powerless to control the terms on which we trade with other countries? How is that even free market capitalism when competition is completely destroyed and negotiated on nothing but EU terms?

Leaving the obvious reservations of EU motivations aside, a much more pragmatic argument comes to light: the UK’s GDP (nominal) is almost the same size as the EU’s 19 poorest member states. If 19 states were leaving, would that be a problem? Of course. Then imagine how much more of a problem it would be if those 19 member states also happened to be your biggest customers. The EU needs us far more than we need it.


We have a weak negotiating hand.


We actually have the 5th best negotiating hand on the planet. Access to a market with a population as dense as our own, with wealth as high and markets as rich as we have, is an incredibly strong position to be in. It is the politics of leaving that will dictate our relevance on the world stage; that is to say how our domestic politicians handle leaving and the mentality and policies they pursue going forward. The shift from Theresa May’s damage limitation to that of Boris “do or die” Johnson is colossal. An attitude like Johnson’s is bound to produce an infinitely better result than the pathetic capitulation exhibited by Theresa May.

Our hand is strong; what matters is the player and Boris Johnson’s poker face is a world away from Theresa May’s. The idea that we have a weak hand is nothing but the epitome of the sneering condescension being produced so often by the remain sycophants.


The idea that “poor people” will suffer.


Now this need clarifying first: When it comes to Brexit, the whole point was to emancipate the UK from the shackles and obligations of the EU. The fact that Eastern European’s will find it harder to get a low paid job or use the benefit system here is largely an irrelevance. We have not voted Brexit to make the lives of anyone but the British better. It was a national decision in the interests of the nation.

With that out the way, I personally live in a poor northern ex industrial mill town, the kind that has seen a tidal wave of cheap eastern European labour saturate our local Jobs markets and massively inflate local rents. When we say cheap, what we mean is that people are coming from countries where the minimum wage ranges from just over 2 euros to around 6. Literally ANY job in Britain is a pay rise, which means two things: firstly, that it is always worth coming over and that secondly, British nationals’ ability to negotiate wages is massively reduced by the solid, reliable, consistent abundance of labour available to British business via Europe.

The NHS, food shortages, looming recessions of doom are all assessments based on faulty assumptions regarding our future trade (or lack of) with the EU and our supposed inability to strike any new agreements of our own. This simply will not be the case, primarily for the reasons outlined above. It would make zero business sense for anyone – not least a project founded upon the principles of trade cooperation – to forgo exactly that because of the bitterness felt over losing political supremacy and influence over a nation state.


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The notion that Brexit has been orchestrated by the ‘elite’ as a tool to oppress the poor.


Some of the Brexit myths are somewhat anecdotal, and as such a matter of opinion (largely the idea that we will be poorer, for example). This one however, is so demonstrably untrue it is almost satire.

Everyone, from the literal British government at the time, to Richard Branson (billionaire) to J.K Rowling (multi multi multi millionaire) to the majority of opposition politicians, to most media outlets ranging from Channel 4 to pretty well the BBC, to Sky and everything in between fought tooth and nail to remain. Almost every celebrity in the media, from Bob Geldof to Elton John, Simon Cowell to Barack Obama – a who’s who of elitism – was denouncing Brexit and the leave vote, arguing with great passion (and misplaced convictions) to remain in the European Union.

If anyone is seriously suggesting that Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Arron Banks have even remotely close to the combined influence and political weight of the above names, then they’re either grossly misinformed or explicitly deceptive. It also seems to suggest that the poorer parts of the country – which generally backed a leave vote – have no understanding of their own interests or were duped in a way I don’t think possible. In many ways the Brexit vote was a working-class revolution, a demonstration of British fortitude and the regaining of a control that many felt had been taken from them.


We are isolating ourselves from the world.


Finally, we get to the biggest and potentially most nefarious of all the remainer myths busted wide open: that we are isolating ourselves from the world.

By removing ourselves from a highly protectionist political and economic bloc, flexing muscles on the international stage that have atrophied since the 70’s as well as potentially opening our market to the world, we are, apparently, isolating ourselves.

By preventing a Federalist, semi-totalitarian government from legislating itself into supremacy, we are dissidents. By stopping the relentless destruction of the fabulous and precious European nation state, we are acting selfishly. By suggesting that there is a world outside of the bureaucratic bubble that is the European Union, we are suggesting, in accordance with the arguments of remain, that we want to be in this world alone, away from everyone and anyone.

This simply is not the case. We don’t want to distance ourselves diplomatically with anyone. We don’t want to see Italy or Spain enter a recession, just as much as we don’t want to ostracise the USA from our economic markets.

It is an argument that must completely ignore the literature and messaging of the entire Leave campaign. Almost every key figure from both the official and unofficial Leave campaigns talked up global Britain. Daniel Hannan summed it up quite beautifully as “raising our eyes to more distant horizons and rediscovering that great global vocation”. There was indeed much talk of drawbridges, but almost exclusively from Nick Clegg, a man who must be mortified that the “dangerous fantasy” of an EU army is quickly becoming a reality.

Brexit is not isolationist, elitist, selfish or masochistic. Brexit is a rallying cry for the nation state and an open rejection of leviathan bureaucracy and big, totalitarian government. It is the admission that we can work together without being inexplicably tethered by politics. It is the rejection of a good idea poorly implemented. It is something that the history books will look back upon with awe, envy and pride.

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