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While all of our writers work hard to provide the best arguments for social conservatism, there is always more to do. Being such a small publication requires us to rely on the generosity of volunteers who offer their opinions freely for debate. We understand that people have many commitments, therefore we are working towards building a large team of volunteers who can share the workload around.

Because of the volunteer nature of what we ask, we understand that it’s too much to expect volunteers to talk about things they have no interest in. Therefore, if you are interested in writing, yet are not particularly interested in the areas we currently discuss, fear not! We are more than willing to take new paths and to consider wider topics – we only ask that those writers who want to discuss new topics give enough of their time to keep the debate alive and active.


One-off contributions


While it is always wonderful for us to find regular volunteers to offer their thoughts up to our growing socially conservative audience – we understand that sometimes it is only occassionally that people feel compelled to write about something.

Therefore, if you have a burning point that you have to make or an argument you feel isn’t being heard, why not send your thoughts in a one-off article contribution to editorial@theburkean.co.uk.

We only ask that your article be no fewer than 800 words and answer a question or discuss a single issue. We look forward to publishing any of the work you send in.


What we expect from our regular volunteers


We understand that most people have many commitments, therefore we are not too demanding. All that we ask is that writers are able to contribute at least 1 long read per month. The long reads are expected to be between 1000 – 2000 words and should include at least 1 link to an academic article, book or quote.

The long reads are expected to push a particular conclusion or argument. We aren’t particularly interested in passive commentary, preferring instead to see our volunteers test their logical credentials and their ability to formulate an argument. One of the arts of writing is the ability to convey complex arguments in a relatively brief summary. Therefore, when it comes to writing we believe the shorter the better, provided the article includes all of the relevant information.


The Burkean Blogs


The Burkean Blogs is something in addition to the long reads and is completely voluntary. We do not demand that volunteers contribute to a blog at any time. However, should you wish to set-up a blog alongside your monthly long reads, we ask only that you keep it regularly updated.

The rules for blog posting on The Burkean are far less strict than the long reads as the blogs are a more personal conversation between yourselves and your audience. We don’t want anything too heavy and are prepared to accept articles anywhere between 500 – 1000 words.


Volunteer for The Burkean today!


If you are interested in either volunteering for our monthly long reads or also contributing to a Burkean blog, there are a number of ways you can contact us. You can either send a message to our Facebook page or send us an email. For email enquiries, can you please use the subject title ‘Volunteering for The Burkean‘ followed by your name and send the email to contribute@theburkean.co.uk

As Edmund Burke once said; all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing!


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