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The Sun Backs Brexit: It’s Important!


Just like the 1992 election and the headline ‘It’s the sun wot wunnit!’ The Sun backs Brexit and on the biggest constitutional issue this country has faced since 1688, will it be The Sun wot wunnit?

The Sun has announced its support for a Leave vote in the upcoming EU referendum. It, like most other papers has its views. I do though tend to lean more towards believing that newspapers chase the views of their readers as opposed to the other way round. Of course I am a Brexit supporter as well, so for me this is great news. Not for the reasons many would expect however. The Sun explains why it has made its decision its in article here.

The Sun Backs Brexit!

This is important because, as other commentators have pointed out, Rupert Murdoch would have personally sanctioned this position, and he doesn’t usually end up on the wrong side. Of course it will give a boost in morale to the Leave side, who have been fighting valiently. Coming up gainst the constant tyrade of abuse, lies, deceit and threats compounded throughout ‘project fear’. They have had to fight against big business, the IMF, OECD, HM Treasury, the Government and many of the same Davos men who argued we should join the Euro (and actually used many of the same arguments). It’s certainly a good thing that Leave gets a boost from this, though I do hope it does not turn into complacency.

The European Commission Is Planning a UK intervention

Next week Jean Claude Juncker will grace Britain with his presence and voice on the European Union. He will no doubt offer us some sort of fig-leaf for permanently abandoning our liberty, democracy and independent judicial system. Both the Treasury and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are due to give final reports on the ‘impact’ of Brexit. This intervention won’t be important. Now the Sun backs Brexit it shows us a sense of what many leave campaigners have been sensing for a long while. They see that the appetite for leave is so strong and has been for so long. There isn’t much that will change opinions in the last 7 days. The problem however is outlined in our article here. Can the leavers stick together, or will they continue to divide each-other and the public?

I was uncertain whether we would vote to leave. I was unsure whether or not Britain had the confidence after more than half a century of decline. My mind is changing, quickly. I see a Britain that seems prepared to sacrifice the false god of certainty, for something much more valuable, sovereignty.

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