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Immigration Concerns Most Important In EU vote!


Immigration concerns are the most important amongst undecided voters in the upcoming EU referendum. A BMG poll found the majority of undecided voters in the EU referendum cite immigration concerns as most important. We don’t know if the current migration crisis is compounding that view. We do know that this could be a great opportunity for the leave campaign.

30% of undecided voters in the upcoming EU referendum site immigration concerns as the most important, followed by the NHS on 19% and the cost of living on 12%. By comparison, as you would expect, voters intending to leave the European Union see immigration as by far the most important issue, standing at 52% while the NHS trails on 15%. By comparison, those intending to stay in the European Union see the NHS as the most important issue on 21% with immigration just behind at 20%. This provides an interesting outlook and suggests that those campaigning to leave may have the upper hand. Especially since the EU is seen as the barrier to bringing migration levels down.

Immigration concerns could win the EU referendum for leave

Should the leave campaign(s) decide to concentrate on immigration they may well have more sway. Not only are immigration concerns important amongst leavers, but remainers also. Support for remain is not as solid as leave. The only obstacle is whether Vote Leave wish to exploit this advantage or ignore it.

Leave.EU and Nigel Farage have identified immigration concerns as the issue that will win their referendum. It is also the policy in which UKIP has most influence and prominence. On the other hand, Vote Leave seems to be concentrating its efforts far more on the business side of the debate and on wider issues such as national sovereignty. Vote Leave must accept that these wider academic issues of sovereignty are unimportant to most voters. If they want to win, they have to make these issues important, whereas immigration concerns already are.  This leaves both groups in a difficult position. If Vote Leave gets the designation, immigration might be the weapon that does not get pulled out. To the disappointment of Leave.EU and I am assuming the majority of Leave voters.

The Migrant Crisis could compound these immigration concerns

Whatever happens it will be an interesting time, with a fierce debate already underway, David Cameron’s supposed renegotiation and the prospect of a once in a lifetime opportunity to vote on the future of Great Britain. The migrant crisis will surely compound immigrtion concerns, to the worry of the remain campaign. Will it have a difference? Only time can tell.

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