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David Cameron’s Parental Classes Appease Statists


David Cameron’s Parental Classes are yet another attempt to appeal to the Guardian newspaper. It breaks the fundamental conservative principle of personal and parental responsibility. The state is not a replacement for the family and the Conservative Party must oppose this action.

The married family is a key pillar of conservative ideology. The married family is the best unit for the raising of children. Arguably more importantly it acts as a shield against the power of the state. Conservative’s must maintain parental responsibility as a protection against state power, this does not achieve that. Furthermore, this undermines parental responsibility.

The latest social policy announcement by the Government are David Cameron’s parental classes. The aim is to successfully raise the next generation. The failure is that the government is terrible at raising children. There is nothing wrong with the Prime Minister being concerned with the welfare of children, indeed many in the country are. But why does he believe that the state would be any good? More importantly why does he believe the state would be better than parents? First of all, the Conservative Party should be protecting society against this. Secondly, if they are aiding the process, who do conservatives look to for reprieve?

David Cameron’s Parental Classes Are Hardly Conservative

Fraser Nelson exposed this foolishness in the Spectator here. We have seen the effects of a policy such as this, its a disaster. Fraser points out that intentions don’t matter, results do. The Named Person Act introduced by the SNP is a terrible piece of legislation. It peers into people’s lives and removes parental responsibility. Just imagine having a stranger constantly peering over parents shoulders. Seeking to make sure they do everything right. The effect is to put pressure on parents to raise children the SNP way. As a result, parents are scared of doing anything ‘wrong’, the government gets more access to our private lives and everybody is worse off.

The fact a Conservative Prime Minister is introducing this policy is distressing. The Conservatives are there to oppose this sort of statism. This intrusion into family life is a smack in the face to all conservative minded people of this country. People who look to the Conservative Party to be true to its principles. When we start removing the responsibility of raising children from parents, we create negative consequences on a number of counts. The state telling parents that parenting is the governments job results in parents giving that job to the government.

Scotland Is Proof That This State Interference Doesn’t Work

I am sure that David Cameron’s parental classes will not sit easy with Conservative MPs who are still of a conservative persuasion, however the reality still must be accepted that the Conservative Party is not controlled by conservatives, but by ‘progressive’ liberals, many of whom have nothing but contempt for true conservative thinkers. This means that conservative voices are shunned and disabled from acting. I sincerely hope that the parliamentary Conservatives will give the Prime Minister a hard time. My feeling however is that they will not.

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