About Us

The Burkean Mission Statement

The Burkean is a student blog promoting conservatism and offering an alternative to socialism. We broadly believe in free markets, free trade, lower taxes and individual liberty as well as authority, tradition and community.


History of The Burkean

The Burkean was officially founded in June 2015 and launched in September the same year by Benjamin Mackenzie, politics student at the University of Leicester, but has from its inception morphed quite dramatically and as a result has relaunched several times. Co-founder Alex Illingworth, Classics student at the University of Oxford was soon involved and has been an integral part of the site ever since, along with James Holderness, graduate in PPE from the University of Warwick, both of whom continue to dedicate substantial amounts of their time.

Though The Burkean never initially intended to target students, after almost 3 years in operation the dominance of student contributers and readers has resulted in us becoming a student blog. Conservatism is not a popular creed with students, but the readership of this blog indicates that students are hungry for an alternative to socialism and we hope to allow those students to flourish in a rigorous and challenging intellectual environment. The Burkean has no safe spaces.


What’s new?

March 2018 has seen The Burkean enter a new phase, with some important changes to our publication and the addition of a few new monthly features.

The Burkean Buzzphrase: The Burkean Buzzphrase is a concept that seeks to streamline what our writers discuss and offer our readers with a number of alternative perspectives on the same issue. Each month we will announce our ‘Buzzphrase’ which will be the central concept that all of our contributers will base their writing on. While we don’t know what niche each writer will choose, we hope to ensure that you read only what you’re interested in.

The Burkean Brief: The Burkean Brief is a monthly newsletter update sent out shortly prior to our monthly publication. Subscription to the Burkean Brief will grant early access to our monthly contributers work, a snippet from our academic lead and comments from other readers!

Academic Article: We recognise that as well as enjoying the perspectives of other students, readers might benefit from our work being headed by an academic who specialises in the area under discussion. Each month we will aim to get a specialist academic to discuss our Burkean Buzzphrase from their own perspective, in the hope of promoting new and exciting ideas at the forefront of academia.

Burkean Blogs: Now that The Burkean will only publish once monthly, we were worried about not having enough content for our readers all month round, therefore we decided that each of our writers will now have their own blog, where they can discuss literally anything. We want you to get to know our writers, and vice versa, so that The Burkean can begin to build a strong community of conservative students.

The Little Platoons Podcast: The Little Platoons is the new monthly podcast coming to The Burkean that aims to provide detailed debate between our writers and contributers on our Buzzword articles. We’re still fleshing out the technology on this one, so we’re not sure when it’s going to be ready, but as soon as it is we’ll let you know!


For more from Us

If you would like to find out more about any of our writers you can do so by visiting our Burkean Writers Page. If you are interested in contributing to The Burkean, please send us a message either via our Facebook or Twitter, or email: